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Welcome to "Moon Cosplay": A Home for Sailor Moon Cosplayers!


Only post things that are related to Sailor Moon or Sailor Moon cosplay in some way, shape, or form. And adding "Oh-I'm cosplaying as *insert character here* at *insert event here* in a few weeks" or "OMGILOVESAILORMOON!!!1!!1!!one!!!" to the end does NOT count.
Have something to sell? Post it here! I don't mind. All I ask is at least one of the items is related to Sailor Moon.
Feel free to post photos! That's the main point of this community: to share Sailor Moon cosplay!! But please leave all images under an "LJ-Cut." Here's the code in case anyone needs to know: <lj-cut text="your text here"/>blahblahblah</lj-cut>. You are allowed one 300x300 image outside the cut.
Have tips or tricks you'd like to share? Like how to get the perfect fullness to the Senshi skirts or how to make the roundest odango? Feel free to post! I'll even add it to the memories!!
Please keep everything you post at a PG-13 level.
Remember, this is a cosplay community. I'm going to be nice and allow fanart, fanfiction, icons, and other fun things to be posted, but don't go overboard.
Have a cosplay or Sailor Moon community you would like to promote? Feel free!! I'll even link you to the user info page! But please follow the "PG-13" rule with the content of the community.



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